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Neurotramsmitter Levels Testing in Urine

There are over 50 different neurotransmitters present in the nervous system, yet only a handful of these substances are

both measurable and understood to a degree at this time:

1.   serotonin     2. dopamine     3.  norepinephrine       4. epinephrine        5. GABA           6.  histamine            7. agmatine      
 8.   glutamate      9. phenylethylamine        10. glycine             11. aspartate       12. acetylcholine          13 and nitric oxide    
A balance between the levels of inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters is necessary for optimal health. 

When the critical balance between the excitatory and inhibitory systems is lost,

it creates a situation that increases the likelihood of a neurotransmitter-related condition developing.

Some of the most significant clinical issues linked to neurotransmitter imbalances are:

1.       anxiousness   2.       appetite control    3.       attention issues    4.       developmental delays    5.       behavioral problems   6.       low mood            7.       fatigue,

8.       libido              9.       women's issues    10.    headaches          11.    mood disorders             12.    sleep disorders           13.   weight issues     14.   And many more.

We use results of Urine Neurotrnsmitter levels to assist us in selecting psychotropic medications

 as well as making recommendations of natural supplements targeted to help correct neurotransmitter imbalances.

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